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Auburn Garden Club

The Auburn Garden Club is a non-profit organization for beginning, experienced, and amateur gardeners. Founded in 1934, the Auburn Garden Club supports worthwhile community gardening projects. Including men and women, the club currently has a membership of 92 in the greater Auburn area.

All of the many valuable activities and benefits are made available only through the generous efforts of our members. Auburn Garden Club members are sharing and enthusiastic individuals who thrive on the pleasures of anything related to gardening. Small personal groups within the club provide a way to become better acquainted with other members, as well as a resource for information.

Annual dues are $25.00 per individual. Each member receives a yearbook with information about the organization, programs for the year, the current membership directory, as well as a monthly newsletter. Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month from September through May.

For more information, contact us at Email.

You can also mail in this membership form.

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